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oxtail / Braised in red wine, truffle carpaccio, potato mash

black rice / squid ink, Devon crab, squid, parsley Ali oil 

pork belly carnitas cheek tacos  slow cooked pork belly, blue soft corn tortilla, orange gel

cecina de león / cured beef from Leon, yellisons goat cheese, smoked honey, rocket


smoked solomillo / smoked pork Iberian tenderloin, manchego, wasabi & mustard homemade mayo, caramelised onion


smoked roasted octopus / morita chile & ponzu sauce, home made hummus

mojama / Air dried cured tuna, roasted almonds, moscatel reduction

spicy tuna tartar / avocado salsa,  furikake,  habanero oil, chipotle ali oli,  blue corn tostada 

octopus ceviche / Octopus, cucumber, tomato, habanero ali oli, crispy blue corn tortilla 


boquerones en vinagre / Anchovy fillets marintated in vinegar


Lomo iberico de bellota / Lomo iberico, chorizo iberico, fuet catalan, Mahon & Murcia al vino cheeses, quince, sourdough bread, manzanilla olives


paletilla iberica de bellota / Cured for 30-40 months 100 % Iberico de Bellota D.O. GUIJUELO 


manchego / D.O from la Mancha 6 months matured sheep cheese, quince, picos

classic tortilla / Clarence court free range eggs, confit potato, caramelized onion 

pan con tomate / Sourdough, tomato pulp, arberquina olive oil, maldon salt

sikil pak /  Pumpkin seeds, charred tomato & habanero dip, miso-honey roasted aubergine, blanched asparagus

blue cheese salad / valdeon blue cheese, mezclun leaves, pumpkin seeds, px vinegar & agave syrup vinaigrette. 

country sourdough bread /  Karaway bakery sourdough, arberquina olive oil or chipotle Ali oli

gordal olives / With guindilla chilli

manzanilla olives 


kikos / crispy bbq corn 

tarta De Santiago / Almond cake, coconut foam 


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